Images and 3D models

Download 3D models from sketchfab and upload them to Onirix

This video shows an example of the download of a 3D model in gltf format, and its subsequent loading in the Onirix scene viewer.

3D models: formats, quality and more

Onirix supports different types of formats for 3D models. For now, you can upload to Onirix models .obj, .fbx and .gltf; and all of them are converted in our server to a unique format: .glb. This format is optimized to work with this type of information in the fastest and least burdensome way, for augmented reality applications.

To upload a model you can do it directly with the file that contains it, or if you have textures associated with the model in separate files, the ideal is to include everything in the same .zip file. In this case Onirix expects that the model is in the root of the compressed file, and the textures maintain the same internal references as the model itself. For example when downloading a model from sketchfab in .gltf format, you can just drag and drop the .zip file to Onirix and it will work.

Anyway, when it comes to uploading a new model, there are some aspects to keep in mind that can mark the quality of the experience:

  • number of triangles or polygons of the model (the maximum can be around 200k)
  • number of vertices (in this case the ideal maximum we can place it around 500k).
  • number of interspersed objects or pieces that make up the model
  • weight in MB
  • weight of the associated textures

When Onirix processes the models that are uploaded, it takes into account all these factors to determine if any warning about the model should be indicated. Keep in mind that if your model has a warning it is possible that either you notice that the experience may slow down slightly, or even that your model will not load in the application.

Example of model warning

If you design models or ask a specialized company to generate them, we recommend that you keep this in mind, and ask for optimized models for this type of experience, trying that the number of polygons/triangles is the minimum necessary, and balance with the quality and realism that you expect in your model or animated scene.