Here we explain how to use our Labels to highlight parts of your scene or model, and identify anything you need to show to your users. Labels are a kind of Asset you can place wherever you want. They are compossed by a text and colors (background and text color). And you can also include a sheet content to give more information about that concrete label to your user. Here we show you small examples of it.

Final result: labels in Onirix Targets player app

This is the final result of including labels with augmented reality. If you follow these steps you will be able to create a useful experience like this!

Include a new label in the scene

In the area below you have access to your assets library. Just go to Labels and drag and drop a new one into the scene.

Change properties

You can configure your label as you want: color, text...

Add extra content to your label: user click

This label can have more information than just the visual. Include content and the users will be able to click on your label to discover more info about it: