Widgets in Onirix

Widgets in Onirix are some kind of shortcuts to include Buttons inside your scene. With this type of asset you can add clickable actions to your experience, so the user can interact with. You just have to drag and drop the widget you want to create and then you fill the properties in each case.

onirix widgets

Onirix currently count on two types of widgets:

  • URL button: with this widget you can include a label with a name and a url, so the user can click to be redirected to it.
  • Youtube button: in this case is something similar, but you can include a video of Youtube to lauch the external application and watch a video. For videos inserted in the AR experience we have also the video asset, explained in other page (available soon).

As Onirix is a platform in continuous development, we will be including widgets in further updates. For example a widget to include phone calls, or email actions. Stay tunned to know every update we release!