How to use the default Datasheet in Onirix

Within Onirix, when you start an account, you already have a template created, provided by the system for you to verify the use of this functionality. That Template has three fields that we can fill out for any of our Assets (title, image, description).

With this Datasheet by default we can associate concrete textual content to our Assets, and in this way, visualize extra information that can be very useful for our users (info about a product, about a flat for rent, about a point of interest in a map, etc.). The default template simply allows us to include that information and visualize it in the Onirix Players. If you want to go further and create your own templates, you must acquire a payment license, and thereby verify the great flexibility and freedom you will have to create your own personalized content.

How to create a Datasheet in Onirix

The Datasheets in Onirix represent the filling of specific data within templates (see Templates information). These data will be later used from the final applications, either to view them directly in an app, or to use them as deemed opportune from the Onirix SDK.

The video shows how starting from a previously created template, with a defined structure (Name, price, description, discount), the information is filled in for a specific project asset (some football boots that we want to show and shell in our augmented catalog) .