QR Code

QR Code Tracking allows to detect QR Codes and trigger an augmented reality experience over them.

You can create your own QR Codes or use already existing ones in products or packaging.

When creating a QR Code scene in Studio, you will be asked for the QR content. As you may know, QR codes are able to encode text in any form (plain, vcard, URI, etc), so you just have to put there whatever you consider depending on your use case.

If you want to add an AR experience over an existing QR code on any object, you should decode first the content of that QR code with any reader, and ensure to put the same decoded content when creating your new scene in Studio.

Once the scene is created, you will be able to download generated QR code from scene properties panel.

In addition to QR content, you will have to set the real QR dimmensions (when printed). This is only needed for scaling purposes when using World Tracking mode.

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