Creating an AR experience for Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Marker-based experience, no coding

In this tutorial we are going to walk you through all necessary steps to build an AR-based company introduction that can be used for trade shows, exhibitions etc.. We used the same experience for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2019. This is what we did:

The goal of the tutorial is to use a custom marker in your company design (we used this Sticker) that triggers the experience. Our AR scene is using 3D models and video and can be accessed with Android and iOS devices that are AR compatible - AND you don’t need to write a single line of code. Excited? Let’s get started!

Setup and tools

Let's go over the tools we are going to need.

  1. Onirix Studio: the web platform that is the base for all our AR projects.
  2. Onirix Targets Player is our generic app where you can visualize your experiences immediately.

Step 1: Create a project

We will start by creating a new project in the studio. In this page we explain how to create a new project using an image as a marker trigger: Onirix targets. And in the inner section we show the process with a video: creating targets with marker In this case we have used the image of our sticker but you can use any image you want. Be sure that image has quality enough to be detected correctly: onirix marker quality.

Step 2: Add elements to your scene

In our case we have included a 3D model of an island (which you have in your default assets when you create your Onirix account), and some images. Those images will be set as buttons and one of them also as a screen to watch a video.In this page we explain how to work with the Scene Editor and how to manage your assets and experiences.

How to include a video from an external source

If you have a video hosted on your website, (and it is an .mp4), you can include it within any 2D image in Onirix. Just copy the video url (in our case this is our video url) and paste it in the "video_url" property.

how to include videos in onirix

Other ways to include videos (coming soon)

We are working on other ways to include videos:

  1. You will be able to include widgets in Onirix (YouTube videos, website buttons, trigger phone calls, etc.) shortly.
  2. We are also working on ways to upload your videos directly to the Studio. This way you can manage them like any type of assets.

Including events: clicks on images

If you want to include the possibility of clicking an image and use it as a button (watch video button, launch url button); you can include an Event. Got to the properties bar, at the bottom, you have this functionality.

Step 3: Download the player app

  1. Download our Target app for Android or iOS. Make sure your device is AR compatible.
  2. Log in to the application using the same account you have created in Onirix Studio to build your experience, select your project, and detect the your marker image as you can see in the overview video.