Getting started

Welcome to the Onirix Documentation Portal! Here you will find plenty of resources to help you getting started.

Create amazing augmented reality experiences

Onirix is a platform that allows you to create different types of augmented reality experiences in a fast and easy way. Onirix consists of three different components: Onirix Studio, a web application to manage all your projects and contents, Onirix Web AR Player which is the way to show your experiences from the browser (Web AR), and Onirix SDK, a Software Development Kit to create your own augmented reality experiences for web AR.


Onirix Studio

Here you will find all the information concerning the organization of projects and scenes, the experience editor, and the Assets library. We also talk about project types or trackings, and the different formats supported for AR content: videos, 3D models, etc.

Access the Onirix Studio documentation to learn how to create, configure, share and customize your augmented reality experiences for the web. gstarted-studio

Onirix Web AR Player

Onirix is a platform for creating interactive augmented reality web experiences. That is, it is not necessary to download a mobile app to visualize and consume the interactive content created. That is why the way to interact with your audience is through web augmented reality or Web AR. Share a QR code or a web link for the world to see your creations and play with your content.

In this section you will learn all about Onirix Web AR Player: compatibility with server-side versions, way to customize web experiences and insert them into an external website, or an existing app, include style modifications or HTML elements as part of your experiences with our Online code editor, and much more. gstarted-webar

Onirix SDKs

Onirix provides tools for web developers to reach a very high level of customization. Both for visual and aesthetic customization, as well as for customization of the logic and interaction between the elements of the experience. Whether you want to use our Studio or host your experiences on an external server, Onirix provides SDKs to manipulate all the elements of the AR scenes.

Access our Onirix SDKs documentation and learn how to use these tools in detail. gstarted-sdk

Onirix Modules and tutorials

In addition to the tools, Onirix wants to provide our customers and users with specific modules and tutorials with plenty of examples of things that can be done with our tool. Browse through the different cases and examples we have, where we show the use of Web AR in different areas, and with different types of approaches or technologies.

In our Modules and tutorials you will be able to see step by step how to build AR experiences, and also how to import pieces of code that will help you to create awesome experiences and adapt them to your specific customers. gstarted-tutorials