Getting started

Welcome to the Onirix Documentation Portal! Here you will find plenty of resources to help you getting started.

Create amazing augmented reality experiences

Onirix is a platform that allows you to create different types of augmented reality experiences in a fast and easy way. Onirix consists of three different components: Onirix Studio, a web application to manage all your projects and contents, Onirix Player which is the way to show your experiences from the browser (WebAR) or through native apps for iOS and Android, and Onirix SDK, a Source Development Kit to create your own augmented reality applications.

Onirix components

Types of augmented reality experiences

As you may know, Augmented Reality mainly consists on tracking something to place virtual content over it in a way that it seems as part of the real world. In other words, it allows to create virtual layers over reality with the purpose of enhancing or augmenting it, and thus the term, Augmented Reality.

Onirix lets you create 4 different scene types: Surface, Image, QR and Spatial.

Take a look to the following table to see what type of scene you should choose depending on the place you want to put virtual content over:

Scene type Examples
Surface Place a virtual object on the floor and check how it looks up to scale. i.e: furniture.
Image Scan a magazine cover, poster or flyer and enhance it through virtual content.
QR Use current QR codes on product packaging for displaying extra information over them.
Spatial Use a whole room or facility to place virtual content or even create indoor routes using vision based navigation.

When creating a project, you may mix different types of scenes on it. Onirix Player will ask you what type of AR tracking you want to use every time you run a project with different scene types.

Onirix Architecture

The next diagram will show you how the different parts of Onirix are related:

Onirix structure diagram

Onirix users may interact with any of the three main components of the platform: Studio, Player or the SDK.

  • Studio is a web application that allows to create augmented reality projects, and configure them by adding 2D, 3D or multimedia elements. All of the content is stored securelly inside the Onirix Cloud, a set of virtual servers and containers that provide global availability, scalability, and security to the platform.
  • Player allows to run and show your projects. You can use WebAR (no app required), or install Onirix native apps available at Google Play and App Store.
  • SDK allows to create White Label or custom applications with your brand design and look&feel, without dealing with the complexity of AR. SDKs will set up all the AR layer for you, so you can just focus on what is really important, your content.

Both SDK and Player internally communicate with Onirix Cloud to retrieve the contents previously created within Studio. All the data is encrypted end-to-end and secured from falling into wrong hands.

Find out all about Onirix

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  • Learn how to Run and Share your experiences on Player page.
  • Get information about how to Create your own application on SDK page.