Views & Metrics

Onirix monitors views to your published projects and other useful metrics like data transfer.

Metrics consumption concept

You can view that information at any time form the metrics screen, located at and also accessible from the overlay menu of Studio.

What are views?

A view is a request for accessing an AR scene via WebAR or the Onirix App. Views generated from within your Onirix account (e.g. during design) are not counted.

Onirix pro account comes with a certain amount of views per month included. If you require more views (e.g. for online campaigns or large-scale events) packages with more views can be purchased.

Views are reset every calendar month. If you reach the maximum views for you account within a same month, users may loose access to your public experiences.

What is transfer volume?

Transfer volume is the amount of data that travels between Onirix Studio and our App Players (or your own mobile applications when using Onirix SDK).

Whenever a scene is visualized inside Onirix Studio or inside a player, content like 3D models, images or data sheets are downloaded from our cloud infrastructure. As long as this content is not modified, it is only downloaded once (on every device) during runtime.

Data transfer may give you an idea of how big your scenes are, in order to optimize and make them load faster.

The maximum transfer volume for your account is regulated by our fair usage policy.