Audio elements allow to include music or sounds to your scenes. Audio is important on any interactive experience, as it changes the perception and realism significantly.


Supported formats

You may find supported formats and limitations for audio files in the following table:

Feature Support
Audio format MP3, WAV, OGG
Audio size Up to 350MB (maximum recommended 10MB)
Audio duration Up to 10min

Although WAV format is supported, MP3 is the recommend file format as it can encode the same content in much less space, and thus, reduce network and memory consumption.

Audio properties

You can set up the following properties from the right side panel:

  • Autoplay: Plays automatically when scene loads if enabled.
  • Positional: Uses positional audio if enabled. It will sound louder when close.
  • Loop: Plays again when finish and every time.


Anatomy Class (Play with sound)