Onirix SDKs


Build AR experiences quickly and easily

Whether you want to extend Onirix Player functionality, integrate with third party services or fully customize your experiences, Onirix provides the following tools:

  • Onirix hosting: Embed SDK: It is the SDK to use Onirix functionalities and libraries using our Studio to build and host your AR experiences. Forget about server infrastructure, storage costs, and setting up the initial architecture of your experiences. This SDK allows to listen to events that occur in the AR scene and trigger multiple types of actions over it. It is the recommended way to integrate with Onirix, especially when embedding Onirix experiences in custom domains.
  • Self hosting: Engine SDK: This SDK allows you to use the tracking functions (images, world tracking, gyroscope) of Onirix, from your own server installation, hosted by yourself. You can use this SDK if just need our AR tracking technology and you decide to build the 3D scene on your own using 3D rendering libraries like three.js or babylon.js.