Onirix SDK

Here you will find documentation for the different Onirix SDK modules Targets, Places y Spaces. Our SDK are oriented both to native mobile platforms Android & iOS, and Unity:

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SDKs & Compatibility

Project type Android iOS
Targets Onirix Mobile SDK (Unity SDK)1 Onirix Mobile SDK Onirix Mobile SDK (Unity SDK)2
Spaces Onirix Tango SDK (Unity SDK)3 Not supported
Places Onirix Places Android SDK (Native SDK)4 Onirix Places iOS SDK (Native SDK)
  1. Compatible with ARCore supported devices
  2. Compatible with ARKit supported devices (iPhone 6s and above, iPad Pro, iPad 5th gen and above).
  3. Compatible with Tango supported devices (Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, Asus Zenfone AR).
  4. Compatible with any Android device with built-in gyroscope and magnetic sensor.

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