Holograms: volumetric videos

Since version v.2.46.0 of Onirix Studio, you now have access to a type of Asset known as Holograms, or volumetric videos. This type of asset allows you to play 3D video formats in web augmented reality, and therefore watch videos where an associated volume effect is achieved.

The initial format supported by Onirix is Tetavi, who have an exportable volumetric video format, whose load has been integrated into our platform.

How to upload holograms to Onirix

Both in the Assets screen and within the scene editor, there is a new type of resource that can be added to Onirix: Holograms. Simply load a .zip file with Tetavi format. In this format you will find the files that compose the volumetric video, and they must be all of these:


It is necessary to have this series of files: geometry.manifest, several chopped files where the video and its positions are composed (.tmv, specify the geometry and position), and the video file with the textures and sound (.mp4). The .manifest and .mp4 can have any name, but the .tvm are listed in the .manifest, so they should keep the same nomenclature as indicated in that file.

Here is an example of a hologram to download so you can try it yourself.

Then you will be able drag and drop your hologram to any scene:


Hologram preview

You can also check the Hologram by opening its preview in Onirix. Within this component you can play the Hologram to see the complete sequence, check its properties and also hear its sound if included: