Scene Designer

The scene designer is a 3D viewer tool that allows you to create, modify and configure your scenes for Targets or Spaces projects.

Include assets in the scene

In the area below you have access to your assets library. Any asset you have added to Onirix (2D, 3D) will be available here and you can easily drag it to the scene.

Elements of the scene

In the list on the left you have the list of elements that depend on the scene. In this list you can select the elements, change the name, make copy and even delete them.

Element properties

On the right side of the viewer you have the properties of the elements. This part allows you, once an element is selected, to modify its position, rotation, scale. You can also add other information such as events and actions, or information sheets, but that is explained in another part of our tutorial.

Editor controls

To move around the scene you can make several movements: rotate the view of the camera (left mouse button), move around the scene (right mouse button), or zoom in and out (mouse wheel).

Spaces type scene

A Spaces scene differs from the Targets scene essentially because it already has preloaded space textures that you have previously scanned with our Constructor app.

Routes in Spaces

Also in the part of Spaces you can include navigation routes within your scenes to guide users. It simply includes the nodes of the route by clicking and joining them forming paths. If you want one of the nodes to appear as a possible destination, you can mark it as such in the properties section.