Sharing options

The purpose of creating AR web experiences is none other than to share, with a client, to validate internally with your team, or with a mass audience. To share experiences in Onirix you can choose to simply send an access to the experience (for example in a social media post, by email, by Whats App...), or at a next level, sharing the experience on your website or a customer's website, by inserting a custom web iframe.


In Onirix there are two ways to access the options to share an experience: through the quick menu of the project card (Projects), or inside the scene editor, in the general project options (top bar).

Sharing options: access from project card


From the Onirix link tab you can get this information:

  • Share link: link to share the Onirix experience directly with others with the preview launchpad included (see next section). It is a perfect option to quickly share the experience, for example on social networks, or via slack, WhatsApp, etc. This URL is always included in our Onirix Studio domain (not custom domains).
  • Share resources: this will open the Scene Preview options (QR code, image markers if it is an image tracking experience, etc.)

From the Embed tab:

  • Embed URL: Full internal Onirix URL for direct access to the experience, with no preview component.
  • Embed iframe code: HTML iframe code with the complete url already included, ready and prepared to copy and insert in a web page external to Onirix, using a custom domain for this purpose.

If you want to get the url of a specific scene for direct access, just copy the Embed URL and add a new scene parameter, with the oid of the scene in question: &scene=scene_oid

Sharing options: access from Scene editor

In this case it works exactly as in the previous case (from the project card). What is added is the possibility of modifying the previewer that is generated when we share the Onirix link in a social network, or Whats App for example.


With these fields we can slightly edit the information that our interlocutor will see. Basically you can modify the image, the title and a small description (excerpt) of the experience.

Embed options from Scene editor

In the case of the embed tab, some more information is added here:


On the one hand we give access to the documentation where we explain how to embed experiences in an external web using a Custom Domain. We also give access to the online editor to fully customize the AR web experience.