Onirix Studio

Onirix Studio is a Web Application that allows you to create and configure augmented reality experiences in a very simple way.

onirix studio concept image

Onirix Studio is available at https://studio.onirix.com


Web applications are cross-platform by nature. Onirix is also optimized for tablet devices so you can use it with any desktop or tablet device with a modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE Edge or Opera). No installation required.

In addition, Onirix is a Cloud Platform, so you will be able to use it from anywhere in the world, just with a simple web browser. Thanks to its auto-sync feature, any change you make in Studio is instantly synchronized with the apps, no re-installations or new deployments are required.

Here it is the full browser support table:

Browser Supported from version
Google Chrome (Recommended) 72
Mozilla Firefox 65
Safari 12
Opera 57
Android Browser* 67
iOS Safari 12.1

*Default Android browser may vary between mobile manufacturers. Tested with current Android AOSP browser (Chromium).

Further Reading

While getting started with Studio, you might want to check out the following topics:

  1. Projects: Are the main container for organizing your experiences. To know more, check out our project documentation
  2. Scene editor: This is the tool you will use to add contents and interactions to your experiences. More info at: Scene editor
  3. Assets: Discover what kind of contents you can display using Augmented Reality in: Assets documentation
  4. Datastore (Templates & datasheets): These are information structures you can create to use in your custom applications. Check out: Datastore documentation
  5. Metrics: This component will help you to measure traffic consumption and views to your projects. More info at: Metrics documentation

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