Onirix Studio

Onirix Studio is a Web Application that allows you to create augmented reality experiences in a simple way.

After designing experiences inside the Studio, you can visualize them with Onirix Players (some generic apps that Onirix provides) or with you own custom app designed with our Onirix SDK. With Onirix Studio you can manage your projects, upload different types of resources for your augmented reality scenes (images, 3D models, textual content, etc.); and organize all the information in a simple and fast way.

onirix studio concept image


Web applications are cross-platform by nature. Onirix is also optimized for mobile devices so you can use it with any desktop or mobile device with a modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE Edge and Opera). No installation required.

In addition, Onirix is deployed in the cloud, so you will be able to use it from anywhere in the world, just with a simple web browser. Thanks to its auto-sync feature, any change you make in Studio is instantly synchronized to the apps, no reinstall or new deployment is required.

Here it is the full browser support table:

Browser Supported from version
Google Chrome 72
Mozilla Firefox 65
Safari 12
Opera 57
Android Browser* 67
iOS Safari 12.1

*Default Android browser may vary between mobile manufacturers. Tested with current Android AOSP browser (Chromium).

Further Reading

While getting started with Onirix, you might want to check out the following topics:

  1. Projects: organize your experiences according to the type of interaction your client seeks. To know more, check out our project documentation
  2. Scene editor: How to use our editor to create different experiences for Targets and Spaces. Here we explain everything you need to know: Scene editor
  3. Assets: augmented reality contents. Assets documentation
  4. Datastore (Templates & datasheets): information structures and their textual contents, which we can create in Onirix and use in our applications. Datastore documentation
  5. Metrics: measurement and configuration of the consumption that each project generates in your account. Metrics documentation