Videos are a great way to enhance an AR scene. For this tutorial we are going to use a printer as an example. To watch then entire video, please visit our YouTube channel.

In this example, the printer is acting as a marker, that keeps the video in a certain position during playback. This is also works if your scene is using a surface instead of a marker.


As any other asset, videos can be uploaded in Onirix Studio. The maximum size is 300MB. Onirix will compress the video during the upload process to optimize the experience on a mobile device.

Positioning and playback properties

Video asset can be edited like other assets during scene desing. Available operations are are: scale, rotation and position. Additionally, videos have the following playback properties:

  • Autoplay: if enabled, the video file is played automatically when the scene is entered.
  • Loop: the video file is looped.
  • Positional: the audio of the video is played, depending on the position of the user within the scene.