Spatial Tracking allows to scan a whole room or facility to create a virtual map of the enviroment you can use for placing virtual objects or even indoor navigation routes.

Later, this virtual map or point cloud, can be used for relocalizing and displaying all your configured content with Augmented Reality.

How to create a new scene

The first step to create a new spatial-tracking scene is to scan the environment with the Constructor feature of Onirix App.

You will be asked to detect a surface and place an Anchor. An anchor is a relocalizable zone in your scene, extra information will be captured on that zones in order to detect them later.

You can add up to 35 anchors for an scene. However, the zones you create as anchors should have enough identity to be detected univocally.

Try to use rich texture regions for placing your anchors. For example, a simple door won't work well if there are other doors with the same shape in the same enviroment as the system won't be able to distinguish one door from another.

You should only place anchors in zones where you would like to relocalize later.

3D reconstruction has nothing to do with anchors, they are separate processes, so your scene will be captured even if you just place one anchor and you are far away from it.

The following video illustrates an scene capture with one anchor:

Here there are some tips to make a good scene capture:

  • Scan your environment slowly around the area you want to capture from a distance of about 1 meter.
  • Moving (walking) around an area is required, just rotating or looking around from the same place won't capture the environment correctly.
  • Avoid hard illumination changes. Entering a dark room or capturing the sky in a sunny day would break scanning.
  • Avoid textureless regions like empty walls, they won't be able to generate info for the point cloud, as there is no way to generate depth with just textureless images.

A good internet connection is required for scene capturing

Adding elements

The next step is to add visual content to the scene from Onirix Studio. You can add virtual elements, and add interaction through events.

View your experience

Last, but no least, you can use Onirix App to open you recently created scene.

You will have to look at any of the anchor areas you have created during capturing in order to relocalize yourself in the environment. After that, Studio elemements will load and you will be able to play with the experience.