Templates & Datasheets

Onirix provides this feature to include any kind of extra information for your experiences, you can later consume from a custom app through Onirix SDK.

Usually, when creating a new App, communication to external databases or services is required. With Templates and Datasheets you can include that information inside Onirix, and forget about adding other libraries or services to your project.

This feature will be only visible if you have an SDK license or have contracted a White Label App.


Templates define the structure of your data. It is something similar to a database schema. You'll have to define a number of fields with their types.

For example, let's create the structure for a Contact person.

  • Template name: Contact
  • Template fields:
    • Name: Textfield
    • Lastname: Textfield
    • Picture: Image
    • Phone: Textfield
    • Email: Textfield
    • Website: URL

Supported field types are:

  • Textfield: For small texts
  • Textarea: For big texts
  • Image: References a 2D asset
  • Dropdown: List of string values
  • Boolean: True or False


Datasheets store the actual data according to the structure defined by a template. You can create multiple datasheets of the same Template.

For example, following the example above, you may have a Contact like this:

  • Datasheet name: JohnDoe
  • Template: Contact
  • Datasheet fields:
    • Name: John
    • Lastname: Doe
    • Picture: 44fb10770fec4a8c8ede10656903228f
    • Phone: +01 222 3333 4444
    • Email: john.doe@email.com
    • Website: john-doe.com