Scene preview

With this feature you can preview and test your augmented reality scenes, before sharing them, to check that all the added content and interaction works as expected.


To open the preview window simply click on the preview icon at the top of the scene editor. In this icon block are all the accesses to relevant project functions:


Scene preview: image tracking

This option will open a window where several important elements can be accessed:

  • On the one hand you can detect the QR code that launches the scene.
  • In addition, if the scene is an image type, the marker that acts as a trigger and tracker is included.
  • Both the QR and the marker can be downloaded separately.


Integrated QR & Image marker

In the previous window you can also find this button:


Also included is the option to download an integrated marker where the QR, the image of the scene and a caption explaining how to proceed to the end user are added. This resource is very useful for sharing via social networks, email, or any messaging system (slack, whatsapp, etc.).2.2.2%20Scene%20preview%20_3

Scene preview: surface tracking

In the case of surface type scenes, not having an image marker to track the scene, you simply access a similar window, but with the QR that allows us to enter the experience: