Onirix App

Onirix App is a native mobile application available for iOS and Android that allows to view public experiences as well as access to your private projects.


You can download Onirix App from the official Android and iOS stores:

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Onirix App is compatible with any iOS 11 or above or Android 7.0 or above device than conforms to the following hardware requirements:

  • Rear camera with at least VGA resolution (640x480px)
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • 1 GB RAM

However, some features are only available for ARCore / ARKit supported devices, the Android & iOS Augmented Reality system services respectively. See the following tables for more information:

Tracking type Support
Surface Yes (Will be emulated with gyroscope if ARCore / ARKit is not present)
Image Yes (world-tracking only compatible if ARCore / ARKit is present)
QR Yes (world-tracking only compatible if ARCore / ARKit is present)
Spatial Only compatible if ARCore / ARKit is present

AR Service Supported devices
ARCore Full list
ARKit iPhone 6s or above, iPhone SE, iPad 5gen or above, iPad Pro

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