Onirix Splash screen

As part of the Onirix business model there are different types of licences that can make use of the existing platform and technology.

For the free licenses, or the lower paid licenses, you can start creating the first demos to validate projects with clients, or even generate small campaigns for a smaller audience. In both cases Onirix includes a watermark in the form of a branded splash screen that cannot be skipped or avoided. In our pricing you can check the different licenses available.

This splash screen would look like the following:

How to include the branded splash screen when using the Engine SDK

In the case of using experiences directly hosted in Onirix Studio through the scene editor or including our Embed SDK, the splash screen is added by default.

For cases where our users host their own experiences using our Engine SDK, they need to make sure to include the splash screen, as long as their license requires it.

To do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Include onirix-extras-module library in your web app and instantiate it.
  2. Call loadSplashScreen method before initializing AR Engine SDK.

Here it is a simple code snippet for that:

import OnirixExtrasModule from "https://www.unpkg.com/@onirix/extras-module@latest/dist/ox-extras-module.esm.js"

const oxExtras = new OnirixExtrasModule();
await oxExtras.loadSplashScreen();

// Init code for your experience ...

For more information about Onirix Extras Module, including how to apply i18n to the splash screen, please visit its documentation at NPM.