How to create an Onirix Places project

Places is a type of Augmented Reality (AR) experience that makes use of geolocation. It uses a combination of technologies to determine the user’s position and viewing direction. The ultimate goal of Onirix Places is to improve the experience of users by providing contextual information about the environment through Augmented Reality. This type of experience is perfect for outdoor usage.

Places is technically combining two types of technology. Geospatial positioning, which is the base of any navigation software (e.g. Google Maps), and markerless Augmented Reality. Places experiences use Points of Interest (POI) also called Geo Markers. The exact position of a user is determined with GPS, compass and camera vision. As soon as the user is within sufficient proximity of a Point of Interest, the AR content is being overlayed.

Here we show you how to create a project with this part of Onirix and start seeing your points of interes: