There are two main experiences you can develop with Onirix Targets: Markers and Surfaces.

Targets with markers

With Markers you can scan and detect any kind of image, logo, catalog, magazine, etc. This allows to include AR content over the phisical images we have around us.

Targets with surfaces

With Surfaces on the other hand, you can select the location of your AR content during the execution of the application. This is useful to play with your environment in a very intuitive way:

How to create an Onirix Targets project with a Marker (content over an image, logo, etc.)

Create a new project, and inside its associated container where you can include the assets. As a marker, use a photograph that you want to recognize, ideally, a photograph made with the mobile phone of the same area to be recognized. Then include the measurements that this image will have in the real world in order to scale the assets automatically; and start to include your assets:

Marker quality

The quality of the image you are going to use as the AR content trigger is something really important. Uploading a new marker to Onirix you are generating the so-called image detector, a piece of software that indicates our SDK when a certain image has been found by the camera of the device.

In order to differentiate one image from another the process generated by this detector will analyse various aspects of the photograph: resolution, contrast, number of lines, texture changes, etc .; therefore, it obtains a number of key points of the image that will serve to identify it. The quality of the image to be recognized will depend directly on the number of key points that are found in this process. To determine that a marker is suitable for use in Onirix, the detector generator must assign at least 75% quality to the image.

It is important that when you are going to use an image as a marker you have this kind of thing in mind, and obviously, the more visual detail your marker has, the better your augmented reality experience will work.

How to create an Onirix Targets project with Surfaces (content over a vertical or horizontal surface)

Create a new project, and within its associated container where you can include the contents and start to include assets: